Super Metroid Symphony is now available! You can download a copy from Loudr (DRM-Free with MP3 & FLAC format) or from the iTunes store! Thanks for everyone's continual support of my music. I hope you enjoy the album!

ABOUT the album

"Composed by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano, SUPER METROID 's soundtrack was always my favourite from the franchise with it's blend of eerie ambience, gritty underscores and unforgettable melodies. As a composer I'd always wanted to approach rewriting it from an orchestral perspective but it wasn't until recent advances in software and sample libraries that I felt I could truly do it justice.

SUPER METROID SYMPHONY  is the culmination of years of experience working with the Synthetic Orchestra and my biggest project to date. With the aim of faithfully recreating every piece of music from the series' 3rd game, the album is an hour long journey through 30 tracks that were lovingly crafted - minute by minute, note by note.

I hope you enjoy listening to the final album as much as I enjoyed working on it."

Blake Robinson, Synthetic Orchestrator.

WHAT people are saying

"Super Metroid Symphony is currently the finest rendition of the soundtrack you'll find. While it has a few weak spots, this is exactly the kind of album fans have been imagining since we first heard Game Music Concert 4 way back in the 90s."


"Many of the tracks get really close to being amongst the best fan renditions. Super Metroid Symphony truly succeeds in trying to capture what the game would sound like if it werenít limited by the SNESí 16 bits."


"Blake Robinson has put together Super Metroid Orchestra, sixty minutes of absolute gorgeous sounding symphonic recordings. Using a virtual orchestra Blake was able to transform these classic gaming songs into an musical experience bringing you front and center in front of a real live group of classical musicians!"

Weekly Gaming

"It's probably the next best thing to an international Metroid Symphony live tour"


"While there are certainly plenty of Metroid music projects as well as symphonic video game arrangements, the quality of Super Metroid Symphony and its focus on one of the greatest games ever made allows it to stand apart."

Horrible Night

"If Nintendo ever decided to remake Super Metroid in HD with an orchestrated soundtrack, this tribute is a great intepretation of what we might hear. There's been many covers made for Super Metroid's music over the years, and it's great to have a fresh and faithful album completely orchestrated"

Metroid Recon

WHERE can I get it?

SUPER METROID SYMPHONY  is now available through Loudr and iTunes for $10. Loudr offers DRM-free MP3 and FLAC format downloads. iTunes offers Cloud-based syncing to your Apple devices.

WHY isn't it free?

First and foremost, for legal reasons. Distributing a remix, cover or orchestration without a license is illegal, even if no money is involved and no profit is made. Generally, publishers are relaxed about this policy, but with a project of this scale I felt it best to license everything to ensure that the album is completely legitimate and that the copyright holders are compensated.

Legalities aside, though, projects such as this require hundreds of hours, mountains of effort and pockets full of money to produce, especially when it's almost exclusively the work of a single person. By supporting the album you're directly helping to ensure that I can bring you more video-game-orchestra albums in the future.

HOW did you license it?

I'm part of the Joypad Records music label, run by a bunch of talented guys dedicated to licensing and distributing video game covers. They handle all the licensing and royalty reporting required to legally distribute derivitive musical works.

ARE there plans for a physical CD?

Unfortunately not - the cost associated with such an endevour just isn't feasible and it was felt that the money was better spent on creating the music itself.

HOW did you make it?

SUPER METROID SYMPHONY  was created using a large array of software and sample libraries I've both collected and created over the past few years.

FL STUDIO was used exclusively as the Digital Audio Workstation and a variety of sounds from companies such as Spitfire Audio, Cinesamples and Project Sam were utilised.

A large selection of custom instruments were also exclusively developed for the project.


17th May 2013 - Added some testemonials and reviews from various Metroid and gaming websites. Thanks to everyone that supported the album - I really appreciate it!

19th March 2013 - THE ALBUM IS NOW AVAILABLE! Happy Birthday, Super Metroid! You can now find the album on Loudr and iTunes. I hope you enjoy listening!

18th March 2013 - THE CONTEST IS OVER and the winners have been messaged. Check your Twitters for a DM.

15th March 2013 - WIN A FREE COPY of Super Metroid Symphony and listen to it a day earlier than everyone else! Check out the contest page to find out how to enter!

11th March 2013 - New preview of 'Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior' available. Head over to the YouTube Channel to check it out.

8th March 2013 - New preview coming on Monday. Head over to the Facebook page to vote which track you'd like to hear most!